CON·TENT [kon-tent] adj [kən-tĕnt’] 1375-1425 late Middle English (Anglo-French) from Medieval Latin contentum, to contain.
Adj. Satisfied with things as they are; a pleased state; peace of mind.
Verb. To make someone feel happy or satisfied.
N. Information or other material contained in a book or document, on a website, CD or other medium. 

Are you happy with the content in your communications? By definition, you should be! According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word has evolved over the past 600 years to denote satisfied; a state of peaceful happiness and joy.

Yet, despite its positive meaning, content can also wreak havoc for marketers and advertisers. Text or images that don’t clearly communicate the benefits of a product or service can cost valuable business. And sadly, many companies don’t realize their content isn’t working until it is too late. Low performing websites, customer confusion, awkward voice and poor design are often common complaints. How can a brand avoid these pitfalls and ensure its communications are on the right path to success?

Before searching for a guru, take a deep breath and review the content you’re currently using: on your website, social media pages, emails, print ads, direct mail, marketing and sales materials, presentations, videos, etc. Content is King (or Queen) and rules everything in digital and traditional media. So stepping back and taking a good look at how and what you’re communicating to the world can be enlightening and beneficial for your business.

To spot what content is or isn’t working, just answer a few basic questions:

    • How recently were your communications written or updated?
    • Is the subject still timely or interesting to your audience?
    • Are the CTAs (Calls To Action) clear and consistent?
    • Has web content been optimized with relevant keywords or phrases and tracked regularly?

If you answered “no” (or shrugged your shoulders) to any question, chances are your content is missing the mark and it’s time to write something new. (This is good news and why we created the following checklist to help you do just that!) So read on and get ready to craft some exciting, new content. With a few basic guidelines and a little planning, you’ll be well on your way to boosting traffic – and profits! Read more

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