Just Press the Button – TWC

By just pressing a button on their remote control, Time Warner Cable customers can instantly transform their TV experience. They can access a world of entertainment and information On Demand. They can Start Over and Look Back at programs so they don’t miss a favorite show. They can record and watch TV anytime, anywhere in their home with multi-room DVR. They can even view Caller ID, play interactive games, get news, sports scores and more – all on their TV.

To convey how easy it was to enjoy these innovative services, WP worked closely with senior management to craft a consumer tagline that would work well in both English and Spanish communications. Not only did the catchy slogan press all the right buttons with a diversity of customers, it reinforced the brand’s Power of You campaign across media channels, helping to upsell Time Warner Cable’s digital products and services nationwide.


Just Press the Button – TWC WE